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If you have been arrested, we attend police stations on your behalf. Our emergency mobile phone numbers are on 24 hours a day. Representation for serious offences at a police station is free of charge. We are not police station duty solicitors and therefore we can retain our independence which is important for serious offences and for a lot of our clients.

Should you be unfortunate enough to be charged, then we represent clients at both the Magistrates Court and Crown court, where trials are conducted before a jury.

We specialise in fraud trials and high profile cases. Our criminal department has a high success rate and most of our work is attained as a result of referrals from satisfied clients. We are one of a handful of firms that are on the VHCC panel and before that we were members of the Specialist Fraud Panel, until it was replaced by the VHCC panel. This allows a limited number of firms to undertake fraud trials and is reserved to firms who have achieved high standards and results in serious cases such as MTIC fraud and are able to conduct such matters with a professionalism and specialist knowledge.

In recent times legal aid in criminal work has changed the face of defence firms. Have you felt the difference? Do you feel that you don’t see your case lawyer as often or that no one from the solicitor’s office attends on your trial? This often leads to barristers not being prepared at court because they have a lack of contact with their instructing solicitors and resulting in more convictions or clients being advised to plead guilty where they should not.

Have you also noticed lately the increasing use of solicitor advocates at trials? We don’t use solicitor advocates. We pride ourselves on using quality barristers who are independent from the firm. Solicitor advocates are instructed by the firm whatever the result, barristers have to rely upon getting instructed again, which largely depends on results and expertise.

We pride ourselves on providing a one to one service which clients have become so used to down the years. Check out our testimonials, from real clients and also from barristers. Both views are important.

We undertake Criminal privately paid work and in some circumstances legal aid work.

For criminal cases generally you can expect to pay £3,100 – £5,000 + vat for a magistrates court trial and approximately £5,000 – £10,000 + vat to include barristers fees for trial, which last 1-5 days in the crown court. A quality plea to the charges would be considerably less. All other fees are available upon request. In some circumstances, an acquittal in the magistrates court can result in a costs order from government central funds, which means we can obtain back a portion of our private fees which you have paid to us, saving you further money.

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