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Driving Offences



Driving Offences

We represent defendants on a private fee basis in relation to driving offences. Normally, we are approached by clients who are in danger of losing their license.

This may be due to obtaining points under the totting up system, which gives you 12 or more points on your license, or you are facing an immediate ban as a result of the driving offence, for eg if you are drink driving or driving at excessive speed.

We provide you realistic advise and provide the spectrum of possibilities if you wish to contest your matter or plead guilty and try to avoid a ban. A ban can be avoided if before the court we can argue exceptional circumstances.

We have successfully argued such circumstances on a frequent basis. On average you can expect to pay £600 + VAT for an uncontested hearing at the Magistrates court.

We also represent private hire vehicle taxi drivers. We have noticed a trend for police officers to conduct aggressive undercover operations trying to suggest that taxi drivers are touting for work. If you are arrested you may need our services at a police station. If you accept a caution for touting will lose your PHV license from TFL. If you are charged and then convicted of touting you will lose your PHV license from TFL. It is important to get clear and concise advise as to how to proceed. We have successfully represented taxi drivers at the police station and at court which has resulted in taxi drivers retaining their PHV license. In some circumstances, upon successful acquittals in the magistrates court, we can apply to have some of your private fees paid to us paid back from government central funds.