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Cybercrime has emerged as a critical issue for all commercial organisations and also for individuals. People are victims of this evolving field of crime daily. It has been estimated that in the UK the cost of cybercrime is around £30 billion annually. Modern forms of communication and data storage offer many advantages but also present challenges, and opportunities for the unscrupulous, exposing the unwitting to exploitation by those who seek to unlawfully acquire their data or to the unauthorised access of the technology upon which we all rely.

Cybercrime is a fairly new and constantly developing field. Investigations with an online or digital element are invariably technically challenging and complex and require skill and relevant experience. Many cases also have an international flavour and UK investigations are often merely one part of coordinated action by an international group of law enforcement bodies, often involving the FBI. These issues, together with the sheer volume of data that is invariably seized during a computer based investigation, pose real challenges to law enforcement agencies across the globe.

Our team of experienced lawyers can help you to meet these challenges and threats. Our team has many years of relevant expertise and can handle crisis management issues around the theft and loss of data, privacy and harassment as can also handle fraud and other financial crime. Our team can also deal with the issues raised by the interdependencies of commercial relationships where often questions about who should bear the risk of cybercrime in the supply chain are being addressed.

With our crisis management expertise we can advise you on the best strategy to manage and resolve problems with the minimum disruption and impact on you and your business.