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Confiscation & Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery

Confiscation & Asset Recovery

We have a dedicated confiscation department that focuses on getting your assets back.

Your assets may have been frozen as part of a restraint order, in which case, application can be made to the court to revoke the order.

If you are convicted of a criminal offence then in some circumstances the prosecution can review your assets for the last 6 years.

The onus is on the defendant to prove that his assets and income are legitimate. This is hugely onerous and a pain staking task. We at Brooklyn Solicitors are used to dealing with such matters in an efficient and thorough manner, preparing defence bundles of material to counteract prosecution inferences on defendant’s assets.

It may also be the case that your asset has been forfeited as a third party as a result of an order against a defendant. In such circumstances, robust representations need to be made to the court, to protect your interests.

Don’t act too late, our early advise is key to successful challenges.