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Brooklyn Solicitors

Whatever the problem we can help.
If you are facing proceedings or you’re not quite sure what to do next.
Brooklyn Solicitors can help you.
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Free 24hr Police Station Advice

Whatever the problem we can help.
If you are arrested we can represent you for free at the police station.
Brooklyn Solicitors can help you.
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Free Legal Aid

Whatever the problem we can help
We can apply for legal aid if you are charged. Legal aid in the crown court is now means tested. you will normally be granted legal aid but, depending on your means, you may be required to pay a financial contribution.
Brooklyn Solicitors can help you.
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Private Fees

Whatever the problem we can help
We undertake private fee work. If legal aid is not available for you or you want to pay privately we can advise you of our rates.
Brooklyn Solicitors can help you.
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Confiscation Recovery & VAT Tribunals

Whatever the problem we can help
We specialize in confiscation proceedings and getting your money back when seized. We also undertake VAT Tribunal work where HMRC have withheld a claim for VAT.
Brooklyn Solicitors can help you.
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Brooklyn Solicitors is a niche London firm with offices in Harrow and Fetter Lane, in central London. Brooklyn Solicitors provide a unique personal service and representation. We are dedicated in providing a high level of service to clients both local to the head office in Harrow, and nationwide. We pride ourselves on our thorough preparation and enjoy a well-earned reputation for being both aggressive and assertive when representing clients.

Brooklyn Solicitors is a niche firm which has grown in reputation since being established in Harrow in 2002. We provide a unique one to one service for our clients, which is rarely matched in the profession nowadays.

We undertake work in police stations and courts throughout England and Wales. We represent clients facing all types of allegations from minor road traffic offences to the most serious and complex of offences, such as murder. We have particular expertise in defending fraud and serious and organised crime. We have been involved in some of the highest profile cases across the UK in recent years. We have dedicated teams of lawyers who can advise and represent you at every stage of your case. No case is too small or too large. All clients are dealt with sympathetically and with complete focus and discretion.

We have a large criminal practice and we undertake associated civil litigation work such as asset recovery work, cash seizures/forfeiture and confiscation. We conduct work for privately paying clients and in limited circumstances for legally aided clients through our Legal Aid franchise arrangement. In these changing times of legal aid, we are conducting more and more private work at reasonable rates. Our limited legal aid work is carried out to a very high standard and with a very high degree of professionalism. We will be happy to advise you on the most appropriate method of funding your case.

We offer a 24 hour police station service which is often funded for free by way of legal aid. Please feel free to call us if you are in need of assistance.

To make an appointment for either office please call us on our head office number in Harrow: 0208 861 4004. We have client parking available at our Harrow office.


If you value your freedom then this firm will work hard for you. l’l…

About Brooklyns

Our Firm

Our firm is built on the principles of quality a providing reliable service. We were established in 2002. We have attained the Specialist Quality Mark in Criminal Legal Aid and have regularly undertaken fraud work as panel members of the Very High Cost Case (VHCC) panel.
Our unique service to our clients has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.

Our Values
We are proud to be different from other law firms. We are built upon the following values and foundations which we employ in every case; Determination to achieve the very best results; A culture of professionalism; Being open and approachable; Offering advice that is clear and straight forward; Testing and pushing the boundaries of the law; Building close and long term relationships; Being proactive, forward thinking and innovative; Providing the highest level of client care; Treating everybody with respect and dignity at all times. Above all, we care about our clients and are committed to protecting their personal and commercial interests.


Why use Brooklyn Solicitors?

We are recognised as one of the leading legal practices in the country. We work on a referral basis, so if we represent a client they have normally been referred by a satisfied client.

Unlike other specialist criminal firms we are not on any police station duty schemes. This means we retain our independence from the authorities and can represent you without prejudice. This also means that we get to choose the work we undertake. This means we usually work in serious crime and therefore have vast experience of it.

We also specialize in confiscation, asset forfeiture, VAT tribunals and tax investigations and have experience in dealing with these matters.

We at Brooklyn Solicitors, through our experience of dealing with all cases, whether large or small, understand the seriousness of your matter and are here to guide and advise you through every stage of proceedings.

Will I be able to speak to the person dealing with my case?

The simple answer is yes. Otherwise out of hours our team are contactable 24 hours of the day. There are several ways to communicate with us: in person, by phone, email or via BBM.

How can I pay?

You can pay via cheque, credit/debit cards or by bank transfer. We can accept small amounts of cash for work carried out on your behalf. In all cases you will be the subject of an anti money laundering check, which is required by the Law Society.

If legal aid is granted you may not need to make any contribution. However if you do, then payment is made to the Legal Aid Agency.

How does legal aid work?

Legal aid is funded by tax payer’s money and is essentially paid by the Government. Due to the changing nature of legal aid, any sort of defendant on a reasonable salary or with savings, will be expected to contribute. For those on benefits or low income, legal aid will be free of contribution.

We conduct legal aid work in limited circumstances. Please contact us to see if you are eligible.

Can I get advice for a family member?

Yes if you have a family member who you are concerned about or who may be remanded in custody, we can advise you.

Do you offer Free Consultations?

Yes we offer a free half hour consultation to assess whether we can represent your interests.



If you are detained in a police station or attend for interview as a volunteer, you are entitled to consult a solicitor free of charge. We strongly advise that you do seek legal advice. Whilst Brooklyn Solicitors are based in London, in serious cases we can arrange for representation throughout the UK. We offer a 24 hour service.


Your case will be prepared by an experienced lawyer and at trial you will be represented by a suitably experienced advocate.


To appeal against conviction or sentence from the Crown Court, requires permission of the Court of Appeal. The law relating to appeals is complex. Brooklyn Solicitors can give you all the advice that you need on this subject.


If you are involved in confiscation proceedings, the law on this is quite draconian and the onus is on the applicant or defendant to prove that his income or assets are legitimate. You may also be the subject of a restraint order. We can help with contesting the restraint order or to have assets un-frozen. It is important that you seek our legal advice at an early stage.

Asset Forfeiture

Your assets may be forfeited as a result of criminal involvement or you have may had your assets forfeited as a result of a crime. We can represent you in criminal and civil courts in this matter to protect your interests and recover your assets.

VAT Tribunal Work

You may be asked to appear before The First Tier VAT Tribunal which deals with appeals of those traders who have had their reclaim of input tax denied by HMRC on the basis that the goods they have exported have been involved in an MTIC chain somewhere up the line. Call us now to seek advice and representation in these proceedings. Getting a solicitor on board early can save you money.

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